The “Human Resources Development Survey and Research Project for Animation” engages in
practical surveys and researches regarding human resources development criteria for the animation industry.
Furthermore, by promoting the evaluation and dissemination of the results of such researches,
we contribute to the improvement and development of the animation industry in Japan.
** This is a report of the activities for fiscal 2020 **
** We are currently evaluating applications for 2021 **

Today, Japanese Animation (“Anime”) has a wide fanbase both in Japan and overseas, and every year continues to deliver stunning new achievements.

However, the number of young people who want to get involved in animation production is rapidly decreasing. Further, as the production workflow moves away from the traditional techniques and digital transformation pervades all aspects of the production process, industry veterans often find themselves struggling to cope with the new environment. This situation entails not only a generational change in the studio workforce, but also new criteria in human resource development.

Under these circumstances, it is an urgent task to develop new human resources, such as highly skilled animators who will bear the future of Japanese animation culture.

The "Animation Human Resources Development Research Project" conducts practical research on training methods and promotes the evaluation and dissemination of the results of such researches. The purpose is to contribute to the improvement and development of the animation industry.

In fiscal 2020 (April 2020 ~ April 2021) we will focus on the three programs listed below. The final results will be evaluated by both an internal team and a committee of external experts. Our target is to develop valid training methods and effective human resource development criteria which can be standardized and shared with the whole industry. We also intend to disseminate this knowledge not only to industry insiders, but also to educational institutions in order to create interest in animation production among the new generations.


    Technical Knowledge Transfer Program
    through the production of original short movies
    An external committee will select four studios who want to be involved in a practical human resource development program based on OJT (on-the-job training).
    The purpose is to create original short movies spotlighting the technical peculiarities and artistic individuality of these studios in an environment where such deeply specific knowledge can be transferred to the trainees.

    We accept applications for projects that present clear training targets, purposes, and methods. When a project is selected, our Human Resources Development will supervise the training process at each studio in order to guarantee the quality of the education.

    The project shall be a short animated movie of 7 to 10 minutes of high quality standards, suitable for distribution in international markets.

    Skill-up sessions for insiders of the animation industry
    It is an education program directed to a wide range of insiders of the animation business, with the purpose of developing and brushing up new skills.
    We offer 12 courses, consisting of lectures, seminars, and practical training, to which any worker in the animation industry is invited to take part to. The four studios selected for the Technical Knowledge Transfer Program select the contents of the sessions upon consultation with our Training Committee. The purpose of this program is to provide a range of basic skills that cannot be sufficiently transferred by OJT alone.

    Basic education program for animation industry aspirants
    The purpose of this program is to develop and implement basic education workshops for a wide range of people who aspire to work in the animation industry.
    Regardless of the difference in tools and techniques - such as hand-drawn 2D or 3DCG - we aim to develop a basic education program to introduce people who is interested in working in the animation business to the basics of animation, on both the technical and artistic side, while actually experiencing the production process.

    We conduct online interactive workshops to enable participation from all over the country and we collaborate with local educational institutions in order to develop workshop curricula.

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