Technical Knowledge Transfer Program

These Short Movies were created as a part of our Technical Knowledge Transfer Program

Usagi ou Inc.

Hachimitsu suicide machine

A popular horror novelist, his wife and their twin daughters move from Tokyo to a remote hotel in the countryside, while disturbing news comes from their car radio.
After a few weeks, they start perceiving a mysterious presence in the hotel and decide to investigate. What they found is not as horrifying as they thought at first… or is it?

©Usagi ou Inc./Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan Animenotane 2021

We are offering a special online gallery of original drawings
made by young animators during this training project, as well as scene shots and background art.

Scene shots

  • Scene shot(1)

  • Scene shot(2)

  • Scene shot(3)

  • Scene shot(4)

  • Scene shot(5)

  • Scene shot(6)

Background art

  • Background art(1)

  • Background art(2)

  • Background art(3)

  • Background art(4)

  • Background art(5)

  • Background art(6)

  • Background art(7)


  • PREVIZ(1)

  • PREVIZ(2)

  • PREVIZ(3)

  • PREVIZ(4)

  • PREVIZ(5)

  • PREVIZ(6)